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Science Adventures - Cornerstone Church
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The Church is the special creation of God. The word itself (Ekklesia) means called out ones. It is a special creation of God, with specific divine purpose. Through the centuries the perception of what the church is (purpose) has varied among the “lookers on” - as it has been seen in the varied cultures and times in which it has been placed. But, whatever the perceptions of the Church have been, the Church has stood and does continue to stand as the visible presentation of the presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

The church, made up of redeemed sinners, stands as a demonstration that God has reached down to save men and women, boys and girls – through Jesus the Christ. This is something which our world desperately needs to know about in regard to the church, and something which the “members” of the church need to keep close to heart.

As we go through this series in 1st Corinthians we will discover together how God intends for the "called out ones" who make up the church – to function together and in a world that is not so much different than the time of Paul's writing to the Cornthians. Our goal is to be fully all which God would have for us to be so that the Church will be effective in its "called" purpose.


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