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Science Adventures - Portledge School
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Welcome to the website of Portledge School! You may be looking at our school for the first time as a prospective student, parent, or teacher; you may be an alumnus/a looking to reconnect, a current student eager to see a basketball score, or a current parent seeking Parents Association news or photos of your children in action. Whoever you are, you will see that Portledge is an inclusive, dynamic, and caring community. Our mission is clear and is reinforced on a daily basis by a compelling equation: people + program + place = Portledge pride.

We all know that students, faculty, and staff are at the core of every good school. Here, it is obvious even to the casual observer that students care for each other, value relationships with their teachers, and make visitors feel welcome. Embracing diversity is a natural part of their everyday life. From the second grader making an announcement at the weekly Lower School assembly to senior student government leadership that exudes school spirit, students take ownership of their school experience and embrace active learning in and out of the classroom.

The faculty and staff who live Portledge daily set and reinforce a tone of high expectations complemented by an appreciation of each person’s effort and achievement. A committed and energetic board of trustees, reflecting our heritage and tradition as well as our dreams and aspirations, provides continuity and leadership. That students evidence joy, confidence, and respect is a result of an active partnership among teachers, staff, trustees, and parents who are all committed to education.

Since we are relatively small in numbers (380 students) and relatively young in years (44), anonymity is not an option. Every person is important to the life of the school, and our students’ youthful enthusiasm and constant growth are integral elements of our institutional character. Yet, our academic program is comprehensive, developmentally based, and constructively challenging, and athletic and extracurricular offerings are extensive and accessible. Student art work is on the walls, music permeates the atmosphere, and students of all ages are eager to be on stage. The program stresses scholarship, sportsmanship, citizenship, and leadership, at first creating a learning community at Portledge and ultimately producing genuine preparation for college and beyond.

Finally, the beauty of Portledge’s campus is striking and inspirational. What a place to go to school! From the allee of cherry trees and the recently planted Kousa dogwoods to the Broxmeyer Baseball Field, the grounds lend themselves both to wandering in reflection and to active interscholastic competition. Each building is unique, from the self-contained Anne M. Thomas Lower School that encourages exploration within a nurturing and safe environment to the most recent renovation of The Huson R. Gregory Carriage House, designed to include the campus-wide wireless Internet access, chorus and rehearsal space, science laboratories, and ample classrooms.

This brief introduction is a chance for me to share my enthusiasm about the Portledge community. Please peruse the website, stay in contact with us, and visit frequently. You, too, will discover how people, program, and place add up to a sense of Portledge pride.


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