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Our specialized curriculum is designed to be age and developmentally appropriate while teaching dance in an artistic and meaningful way.

All of our dance classes are taught by professional dance and drama educators. Each class is based on fundamental dance concepts such as Direction, Level, Shape, and Rhythm. These basic concepts are the foundation for all styles of dance and movement. Teaching through concepts allows students to develop a deep understanding of  the movement and perform with clarity and expressiveness. This method of teaching develops creative problem solving, understanding of space and form, team work and self-expression. The combination of skill development (technique) and creativity build a strong foundation for all dance styles.

Each teacher creates progressive lessons based on a 5 part lesson plan and the semester syllabus. The lesson format, inspired by dance specialists Anne Green Gilbert, Mary Joyce and Dr. Peggy Hunt and other dance educators, make each class a unique and joyful learning experience.The Five part lesson plan is based on brain compatible learning and Howard Gardener's theory of multiple intelligences. This system is appropriate for all ages and styles of dance.  The Dance Space faculty is trained to modify each lesson as appropriate for age, dance style and technique  level.


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all ages
$180-$410/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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jan 11 - may 8


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