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 The Tampa Volleyball Camps are held on the 100 acre campus of The University of Tampa.  Campers are housed and fed in our on-campus facilities.  Volleyball activities are held in the Martinez Sports Center and an Auxiliary Gym (located on our campus).  The goal of our camp is to lay a foundation of individual and team skill for the upcoming school season.  Campers are ability grouped and trained at a challenging level.

It is our mission to make your camp experience the best yet.  Activities are well planned, start on time, and will challenge each participant to become a better player.

This clinic is designed for kids who want intensive training in either setting, hitting, or defense. Campers choose a specialty and receive intense training on basic through advanced technique in their chosen specialty. One nice feature of this camp is that at the end of each session the Setters, Hitters, and Liberos will be put together to implement the skills they have trained during those sessions.  Serving, passing and blocking will be covered as well.  Not recommended for beginners.

An all skills clinic for beginning through advanced levels. All Campers will be grouped with Campers of their similar skill level, this will maximize their learning.  Throughout this camp we cover all individual skills (passing, setting, serving, attacking, blocking and floor defense).  Night sessions are generally devoted to some specialization by position and team competitions.


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July 5 - 8
July 9 - 12
July 15 - 18
July 19 - 21
July 22 - 25


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