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Santa Clara Baseball Commuter Prospect Camp
Santa Clara, CA, 95053
Phone: 800-222-8152

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The SCU baseball staff has designed and implemented a summer High School Prospect Camp format to attract quality baseball talent to our Bay Area campus. We believe that the experience offers student-athletes the chance to grasp what sets Santa Clara University and Bronco Baseball apart from other colleges and universities across the country.

Bronco Baseball demands that its athletes work hard every day at a relaxed, intense level with much energy and enthusiasm., and our Prospect Camp is no different. Our goal is for you to experience first-hand how we teach, practice, and play the game here at Santa Clara. At the same time, it offers our entire coaching staff the ability to view players such as you in person in an extremely competitive environment. At the end of camp, we will allow you to develop a positive approach, mentally and physically, to the game.

Each day, each player will receive defensive practice at his noted primary position (including pitchers), offensive instruction, participate in a competitive game, and . Players will receive an evaluation from the coaches following the Camp. As noted , the applicant must choose one position to apply for the Prospect Camp. You may play at more one position in the Camp, but players are assigned to teams using their selected primary position. Based upon last year, we anticipate a wait list at every position.


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All ages
$600.00/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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Camp session Date :   July 25 - 29, 2010


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