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MDT is a 3 year program designed to provide foundations for life beginning with our relationship with God. MDT also develops our relationship with others and focuses on personal growth and development. The course is in 1 week modules (1 per year for 3 years) plus a hike trip in the 2nd year and a challenge canoe trip in the 3rd year.

Participants are expected to participate in all elements of the program and will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed the program. This is not an endorsement but rather recognition for participation.

MDT uses seminars, solitude & reflection, group & personal challenges, praise & worship, Adventure Course (high & low ropes), canoe & hike trips, work and volunteer service to create our learning experience. A volunteer service perspective (and priority) is a natural outcome of MDT. Therefore it is expected that participants will become active in the volunteer service sector of their church / community (see MDT volunteer service requirement).

Registration process is by application for all levels. There is one application form for all levels. Please ensure that you have completed and understand the requirements for each level.

MDT as a program continues to develop and mature and is evaluated annually to ensure that it is a relevant development experience for youth. Each year elements will be added or changed in response to this evaluation.

MDT’s roots go back to 1997 when it was recognized that the youth of the BUWC in northern SK would benefit greatly from a youth development program. MDT was then designed and created by a group of local youth leaders who wanted to invest in the program.

MDT has always been a camp / program of The Quest (then Christopher Lake Baptist Camp) and is intentionally a youth development program not a camp staff training program. 2001 was big for MDT as it was able to acquire the proper equipment (high and low ropes course, tripping equipment) to develop youth.

MDT was founded on the idea that we learn best when challenged to “step” outside of our comfort zone - the program uses “Challenge by Choice” to encourage development.


Camp Type:
Day  Residential 
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
All Ages
$200- $300/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
Nearest Large City:


  • Canoeing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Crafting
  • Archery
  • Swimming


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

Camp Name
Adult Retreat 13-17 June
ABI 20-23 June
MDT 27 June-2 July
Senior Teen 4-9 July
Junior Teen 11-16 July
Intermediate 18-23 July
Family Camp 1 25-30 July
Family Camp 2 1-6 August
Junior Camp 8-13 August
Adult ABI 16-19 August


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