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Hornet Baseball Camps At Sacramento State University
Sacramento, CA, 95819
Phone: (916) 278-4036, (916) 278-6011

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This is the Hornet Baseball Camps most popular camp session of the summer! Camp will start off in the morning with several fundamental drill stations to improve skill and understanding of the game. In the afternoon all campers will get the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the morning sessions and participate in instructional scrimmage games on the Hornet Field at Sacramento State University.

The Hornet Baseball Camps are proud to call Hornet our home. Hornet Field was renovated in 2003 with several improvements for Hornet fans and student-athletes.

The stadium now seats 1,200 spectators and has permanent seating that stretches from dugout to dugout with chairback seating located in the lower section.

The field was also renovated with new sunken dugouts, new sod was laid between home plate and the backstop, and padding was added along the backstop and dugout areas.


Camp Type:
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
5 - 16
$150 - $200/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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  • Baseball


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

Hornet Baseball Camps At Sacramento State University Date :

Hornet Youth Baseball Instructional/Games Camps  : 6/14 – 6/18
                                                                                                  6/21 – 6/25
                                                                                                  7/12 – 7/16
                                                                                                  7/19 – 7/23
                                                                                                  7/26 – 7/30
Junior Hornet Baseball Camp  : 6/14 – 6/18
                                                          6/21 – 6/25
                                                          7/12 – 7/16
                                                          7/19 – 7/23
                                                          7/26 – 7/30
Hornet All Skills Camp at CSUS : 8/02 – 8/05


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