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Christian Berets Inc. was founded in 1970 by Don Crooker as a non-denominational, non-profit ministry to people with special needs.  At that time, there were few non-profits that focused on serving the disabled.

In 1971, Don Crooker and the Board of Directors decided to build a camp in the Sierra Mountains.  Land was purchased in Long Barn from Jess and Laura Wirth.

For years, the Wirth family had hoped to sell their land for the development of a Christian camp.  By God’s grace and the Wirths’ generosity (they returned all payments made by Christian Berets to them as donations designated for the purchase of the land!), that vision became a reality.

The camp in Long Barn was ready for guests in June 1973. 

Months later, the Wirths shared that 35 additional acres of their land was available for sale near Mi Wuk Village, which they generously offered to sell with a one-year option for one dollar.  The Board decided to purchase this property for a larger camp site.


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under the Age of 18
/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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  • General
  • Art


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

*June 21-30 # 1:  Adults (10 days)
July 5-9 # 2:  Adults
July 5-9 Travel Camp # 1:  Women
July 12-16 # 3:  Adults (wheelchair session)
**July 19-23 # 4:  Adults
July 19-23 Travel Camp # 2:  Men
July 26-30 # 5:  Children / Youth (ages 5-25)


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