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We are here to provide you and your group the facilities and many of the tools to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are no televisions, phones (only for emergencies), or Cell phone reception. This is the perfect place to find that personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you need. We have a large sanctuary for church services and many small outdoor settings for teaching opportunities. There are abundant resources for physical fun and enjoyment. Our primary purpose is to reach young people with the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ so they may find His saving grace and grow in His truth.

The information for this article was not gathered by me, but was put together as a joint effort from Mountain View Baptist Camp Board Members, past and present, and other persons who have an interest in Mountain View Baptist Camp. 


Mountain View Baptist Camp is located on Edward's Mountain, 17 miles southwest of Monticello.  It is situated on 167 acres of some of the most beautiful mountain top land in the area.  Mountain View Baptist Camp's origin came as a result of an overwhelming burden that God placed on the heart of Brother Richard Folger, former pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church.  Brother Folger shared his burden with the church on June 20, 1970.  By July 23rd of that same year, the family of Bobby Guffey and the C.H. Guffey Heirs provided 100 acres of land to Immanuel Baptist Church for the "development of a Christian camp".


 Immediately, roads were under construction, land was being cleared and a water source was being located by the way of a neighbor, Voicey Morgan.  During the September 1970 business meeting of Immanuel Baptist Church $600.00 was donated to the camp for a water pump and waterline.  This was the first of many donations to Mountain View Baptist Camp.


The very next month on October 14, 1970, the camp officially received its name, Mountain View Baptist Camp.  On November 18, 1970, Immanuel Baptist Church voted to incorporate the camp property and elect a Board of Diretors for the corporation.  The first Board of Directors was Richard Folger, Harold Davis, H.M. Powell, Robert Abbott, Rufus Abbott, Bobby L. Guffey, Hobart Barrier, Garnett Walker, and W.C. Dabney.  Things were moving fast up at Mountain View Baptist Camp.  On January 31, 1971, Brother C.C. Baker answered the call to fill the position of Immanuel Baptist Church Music Director and Camp Director.  On May 11th of the same year the Board of Directors voted to begin work on the camp's first building.  An open air dining facility and kitchen were to be constructed.  God certainly blessed the camp when Brother Odell Merrick and Brother S.L. Sears of Somerset, KY of Cumberland Wood and Chair Company donated all of the materials for the dining hall and 250 beds and mattresses at no cost to the camp.  Brother Merrick and Brother Sears soon became members of the Board of Directors and their service to Mountain View Baptist Camp through advice, donations and labor has been outstanding.


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  • Canoeing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting


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