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The McGarry ranch is actually three ranches located in southeastern Idaho, in the upper Snake River Valley and along the South Fork of the Snake River, approximately 90 miles west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Snake River runs through ranch property in various places. Included in the property used for cattle operations are 55,000 acres of state and federal permits in the big hole range of the Rocky Mountains.

Theron McGarry, a lifelong cowboy, oversees and participates in the day to day cattle operations. Theron is a fourth generation rancher.

cows.jpg During various seasons of the year we invite you to join the cowboy crew in activities to include, calving, doctoring, branding, gathering, the move to the mountains from the valley ranch and the drive from the mountains back to the valley for the winter.

Day to day activities also include roping, driving cattle to new pastures, fence mending and never ending odd jobs, all of which maintain the integrity of the herd, which numbers the better part of 2,000 head of cattle.

cows5.jpg We do our work with the cattle as the need arises, not a specific activity at a specific date. Most of the week is spent scattering cattle on the range, doctoring cattle, packing salt for cattle, trailing cattle to a new pasture on the mountain, and gathering up stray cattle in some of the most scenic mountain country of Idaho.

Almost all of the work is performed from the backs of ranch broke Quarter Horses. You will be matched with one or two horses to be used by you for the duration of your stay at the ranch. We maintain approximately forty horses for use in cattle operations. A saddle will be provided for your usage or feel free, to bring your own.


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