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From a place to graze cattle, to tourist attraction, to its present use as an all seasons camp serving nearly 8,000 campers a year, the land that makes up Cedar Lake Camp has had a long and eventful history.

The Talmadge brothers bought the land in 1913 to graze cattle, selling the land in 1922 to the Bartlett brothers. The Bartletts wanted to subdivide and sell the land, and felt that building the lake on the property would increase the value, so constructed a 30-foot dam in 1929, forming the 3½ acre Cedar Lake.

The Bartletts sold the property to one of the brother’s sons, Guy Bartlett, in 1937, who originally wanted to develop a resort, but chose to promote Cedar Lake as a tourist attraction, later charging a 25-cent admission fee to enter the property.

The tourist trade was successful for a number of years, with several hundred people a day coming during the summer and holidays. Bartlett built two cottages and a house, rented boats, stocked the lake with fish and started charging a fishing fee. But as the 1950's began, Bartlett had increasing difficulty making his operation profitable.

In the early 1950s the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, at the time one of the largest churches in the country, decided to start a camping program. Thinking that an attractive camping program would increase youth membership, the church began looking for a camp in 1954, sending up a scouting party to the San Bernardino mountains consisting of senior pastor Dr. James Fifield, William Stoufer, and others.

After visiting several properties, Guy Bartlett's accountant suggested Cedar Lake to the scouting party, and after touring the property the group was smitten. The church purchased the property in January of 1955 with some monies raised by a special fund. The original parcel of 110 acres was augmented the same year by a second parcel, increasing the total area of the Cedar Lake property to its current size of 270 acres.


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