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Camp Tamarack is located about 5 miles north of U.S. 12 and just south of Jones, Michigan.  Camp Tamarack consists of more than 500 acres of heavily wooded land.  Located on the camp are two glacial lakes (Wood Lake and Little Wood Lake), and miles of trails and much wildlife.

There are presently 15 campsites scattered in the woods on the north side of Wood Lake and Little Wood Lake.  The Scouts live in the outdoors in tents, which they bring and pitch themselves.  There are several buildings used to provide services to the campers and staff.  These include a dining hall, shower house, health lodge, and of course, a well-stocked trading post.

The Boy Scouts of America and the State of Michigan, Department of Social Services rate Camp Tamarack as a National Accredited Camp.  Camp Tamarack, WLSR maintains a policy of non-discrimination in regards to color, creed, religion, national origin, or disability in all phases of its programs and operations.

Camp life at Camp Tamarack, WLSR, builds the Patrol Method, Troop Leadership Skills, and Scouting Spirit.  During your stay at Camp, you as a leader have the ability to learn more about your Scouts, spend more individual time with them, and develop personal satisfaction in working with and assisting in Troop Development.   Camp Tamarack provides programs for your troop that you can “take back home with you.”  Besides being the peak of many Troops’ summer adventure, Camp Tamarack is just plain fun…. for you, your Scouts, and of course our staff!!!



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June 13 to July 17, 2009


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