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During the school day, we offer a variety of programs for students, aged pre-school through high school. Your group can do a single LEGO Lab program or you can schedule a combined program with a Planetarium or Linder Park visit. If you would like suggestions on specific programs to combine.

Drake Planetarium and Science Center is operated by Tri-state Education And Technology Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization with the mission to teach science to the youth of Greater Cincinnati. This is accomplished through Drake Planetarium, Drake Science Center, Environmental Education at Lindner Park, and Outreach programs for area schools.

We offer educational opportunities from preschool through high school. Teacher and adult workshops are also available. All of our student programming is designed to incorporate national and state curriculum requirements as well as the state proficiency standards. Every program is not only educational, but fun and rewarding as well!

Drake Planetarium and Science Center has been providing science education since 1982 to children throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The Drake Planetarium's seating capacity is 70 visitors per show and programs are available for audiences ranging from preschool age to senior citizens. During the school year, we offer weekday shows for schoolchildren and homeschool families. In addition, we have evening and weekend public planetarium shows monthly that are geared to the entire family. During the summer, we have planetarium shows that coordinate with our Summer Camp program and offer daycare centers and other Summer Camp Programs a field trip option for their campers.

Drake Science Center houses our Engineering and Lego Labs, our Summer Camps, Saturday Lego, and Lego Birthday Parties. The Science Center offers most of our hands-on science programs and are often used in conjunction with Planetarium programs or Environmental Education at Lindner Park.


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6 - 16
$150-$250/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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June 14 - 18

June 21 - 25

July 5 - 9

July 12 - 16

July 26 - 30

August 2 - 6


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