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Dear Professor Hormuth,

With a certain satisfaction I could originally see that also your rural research and education establishment with the beautiful name of Justus-Liebig-University – named after that famous inventor of chemical fertilizer – shows an intensified interest in my research and development work in the field of the microcosm of music and in this context even commissioned an “Inaugural-Dissertation for Earning a Doctorate in Medicine”, or a doctoral thesis, via your Faculty of Human Medicine with the theme “Review of Effects Of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® after P. Hübner in Patients with Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis vulgaris or Vitiligo”.

After completion and academic examination you published this research work of yours internationally via internet on that significant date of 11-11, the beginning of the year of our European ancestors.

And only in this way – be it by coincidence or by a stroke of good fortune – also I, certainly next to many others, had the opportunity to learn about this “academic” achievement of yours and/or about the content of your work.

Before giving my response I would like to make a few generally uplifting thoughts of Schopenhauer about my work available to you in order to ease you in this way your academic access to the theme a little bit:


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