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NBC Camps is the largest, most popular overnight basketball camp in the world. Since 1971, NBC Camps has trained over 200,000 athletes to be their best. NBC Camps program provides a totally unique experience. This camp focuses on helping athletes develop permanent confidence, skill mastery, personal faith, and mental toughness. At NBC Camps you'll not only have fun, you can change your life.

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NBC Camps is completely different from any camp on the market. For the last three decades, NBC Camps has been working to perfect the details most camps miss.

The difference is in the staff. We work hard to hire coaches who love kids, and are enthusiastic about life. They are hand picked to build your child’s confidence, teach great fundamentals, and make a difference. Every staff member is evaluated weekly by our campers and leadership staff.

The difference is in the fundamentals. All our master teachers have detailed training manuals and DVD’s loaded with training and drills. We are dedicated to teaching kids the essential skills necessary to help your child reach his/her potential. A combination of competitive drills and games bring fundamentals into live-action instruction.

The difference is in the intensity. We work hard to help athletes recognize what it means to be intense and to play with mental toughness. Through encouragement and inspiration, we help athletes discover the joy of working hard. Hard work is a great attribute, especially when combined in a positive, loving atmosphere.

The difference is in the life skills training. Basketball is an outstanding game, but if we don’t learn lessons about life through it, we’re wasting our time. Hard work, discipline, perseverance and team work are all key teaching points. At NBC Camps, we are constantly looking for teachable moments to inspire campers and make the most of every opportunity.  Each night we have a topic for training and discussion.  Night one is about goal setting, self-discipline, and recognizing your impact on the court and in life.  Night two is about integrity and character, having the courage to do what is right and overcome fear.  Night three is about leadership on your team and in your family, becoming a problem solver, the importance of forgiveness, and how to make tough relationships better.  The final night is about inspiration, who inspires you to achieve your dreams and how do you inspire others.  At NBC Camps we believe the ultimate inspiration comes from a personal relationship with God and the strength which comes from a dynamic faith.

The difference is in leadership. NBC Camps staff spends all year dreaming of how we can make summer camps better. Basketball curriculum, staff, summer teaching themes, camp schedule, speakers, drills, DVDs, registration procedures, special events, games and tournaments are summer camp areas we work on all year long. We’re dedicated to making our camps the best in the world. It’s our full-time job. 

The difference is in the environment. We work hard to create a safe, fun and professionally excellent setting where kids will be encouraged to be their best. Supervision is very important to us. Every waking moment has a purpose to help athletes develop in every area of their lives. We do not tolerate bullying, swearing, poor sportsmanship, poor character, undisciplined play. If you are looking for a camp where you sleep in, watch movies, play video games, and can say and do something which harms others, then NBC Camps is not for you. NBC Camps has over thirty-seven years of training, and we will give you our very best effort to help you achieve your athletic and life goals. Our atmosphere is electric, positive, encouraging, and fundamental to success.

The difference is in the history. For over thirty-seven years, NBC Camps has worked to become one of the most successful basketball camps in the world. We know what works. We know what changes games and changes lives.

The difference is in the purpose. Our bottom line is to help train athletes to be their very best on and off the court. We want athletes to succeed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Every athlete is important. Every camper that comes is not a number to us, but an opportunity to educate, equip, and encourage reaching his or her dreams. We are the total camp for the total athlete.


Camp Type:
Day  Residential 
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
9 to 19
$350/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

June 14 - June 18, 2010


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