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Youthfront engages in many strategies to minister to today's adolescents. But more important than programs, processes, or events, Youthfront is about people--from the thousands of youth involved in Youthfront to the staff, volunteers, youth workers, donors, and all the rest who are passionate about helping those young people to not only know about Jesus but to really "know Jesus Christ." The Youthfront staff believes first and foremost that we must be people who live and do youth ministry out of the fullness of their life with God. We all share a common focus and desire – it’s summed up by our mission statement – to bring youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


So no matter who is doing the ministry, this is really who we are – this is our soul. And though our staff members each bring various gifts and abilities, though we use a variety of methods, this is the quest we’ve all signed up for. We each believe that the teenage years are unique and untouchable by other phases of an individual’s life. It is a nexus where relationships, ideas, faith, meaning, sexuality… all combine and at some point, solidify. And we must be there too, ready with the key ingredient for all the rest to make sense – Jesus Christ – His truth, His example, His love.


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June 7-12
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June 21-26
June 28-30
July 1-3
July 5-10
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