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ISA’s curriculum is based on European education systems while integrating Arizona State Standards. The education teaches complex thinking and problem solving skills focusing on reading, writing, logic, math, social and physical education. Our program emphasizes art, culture, history, geography, science, music, and language skills. Immersion in the French and Spanish languages begins in Pre-school or Kindergarten.

Immersed in a bilingual environment, our students not only learn a second language but also discover a second culture which helps develop understanding for living in our cosmopolitan world. You may read this article to get more information about early-age language acquisition. ISA’s students benefit from the introduction of a second language at an early age by being able to achieve native-like fluency and pronunciation.

Subjects instructed in English are limited in the Pre-school and strongly implemented in our curriculum in the upper grades. Students become literate in both English and the target foreign language. Our certified teachers meet and exceed the European and the American educational standards; therefore our carefully constructed curriculum combines rigorous European academics with practical American methods.

The French Track started in the Fall of 1998 with 15 children in 3-year old Pre-School through 1st grade and now offers 9 grade levels ranging from 2-year old Pre-School through 5th grade Elementary.  The curriculum for this language track follows the French Ministry of Education guidelines and Arizona State Standards.

The Spanish Track began in the Fall of 2005 with the 3 and 4 year old Pre-School levels.  A 2-year old level was added in the Fall of 2006.  A Spanish 1st Grade class is being planned for 2010/11.  The curriculum for this language track follows the Spanish Ministry of Education guidelines and Arizona State Standards.


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  • Science
  • Art
  • Crafting
  • drama
  • Gaming


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Session III: July 12 – July 30
Session II: June 21 – July 9
Session I: June 1 – June 18


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