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Carrollton is part of the world-wide network of Sacred Heart Schools inspired by the vision of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat who founded the first school of the Sacred Heart in 1801. Since that time, Sacred Heart education has been known for excellence. Madeleine Sophie sought to prepare young women to take their rightful places in the world in which they found themselves, armed with strength of character, intellectual curiosity, and a "lively faith."

Today, at Carrollton we continue in this same spirit. Over 700 girls and young women from the three year olds in the Montessori to our graduating seniors enjoy the rigor of Sacred Heart education. As members of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, we find our inspiration in the vision of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat and the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. We educate to an informed lively faith, critical thinking and service to others.

Our scope at Carrollton is broad. As a Catholic and a Sacred Heart School we know that Carrollton's learning culture finds its true strength in the love of God. As the only all-girls school grades preK-12 in the State of Florida, Carrollton serves as the leading advocate for girls' education. We believe that single gender schools provide the most powerful, transformative learning environments for students.

As educators we remain sensitive to the unique developmental needs at each stage of girls' and young women's learning. It is for this reason that Carrollton has been divided into five independent learning communities or schools: Montessori, Primary, Intermediate, Junior High and High School while maintaining a cohesive curriculum and united community. Carrollton's two campuses offer ideal settings to students and teachers for their mutual enterprise of wondering, seeing, analyzing, debating, thinking, praying, challenging and dreaming.

Sacred Heart education is a formation for life. Knowing that life is filled with joy and with sorrow, with challenges and with blessings, what education will most effectively prepare students for the future? We think it's a life rooted in prayer and values. We are convinced that the quality of the future depends on the choices to be made by well-educated, thinking, confident people. We want our students to become such leaders. Nothing short of excellence in their education will prepare them to assume such leadership.

acred Heart women are stamped with a certain kind of spirit; Carrollton alumnae are easily recognized. As an alumna I can tell you that Sacred Heart women are strong and confident. We have been educated in a rigorous, demanding way that focused on the intellect and the heart. Sacred Heart women understand how to learn. The strong intellectual base in our education provides us not only with confidence but real strength flowing from our deep faith. We greet the future with hope.

For almost 50 years, Carrollton has welcomed girls from Miami,

across the country and around the world to its Summer Program

at Carrollton’s scenic location in historical Coconut Grove.

This summer, campers will embark on an innovative journey -

“Around a Very Creative Green World.”

Girls will have the choice to enroll in different schedules that include:

dancing, singing, acting, painting, ceramics, costume design, art projects,

computer lab, swimming, baking, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or ESOL.

Campers are divided into age groups. The maximum size of each group is 18.

A teacher and a counselor are assigned to each group


Camp Type:
Day  Residential 
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
all Ages
$325 per week/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
Nearest Large City:


  • Acting
  • Crafting
  • Dance
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Other Arts
  • Swimming
  • Design
  • Yoga


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

Six Very Creative Weeks ($325 per week)


July 5 to 9 – “Fashion & Costume Design Around The World"


July 12 to 16 – “Circus Around The World”


July 19 to 23 – “Characters Around The World”


July 26 to July 30 – “Architecture Around The World”


August 2-6 – “Alphabets Around The World”


August 9-13 – “Geography Around The World”


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