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Teen Treks Travel Camp
Buffalo, NY, 14201
Phone: 716-566-7908

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While the scenery you pass may be spectacular, and the physical exercise invigorating, your experience as part of a group will probably be the highlight of your trip. You may be surprised how close you'll feel to friends who were new faces just a few days before. You'll be traveling with 8 - 12 teens and 2 leaders on a low budget and a high sense of adventure. In a small group each person adds his or her own flavor: one person may be a great storyteller while another a gourmet campfire cook. Ideas and input are also essential; each individual's contribution enhances the group as a whole.

Flexibility and cooperation are key elements in our group experience. A lot of give and take is needed to make a group run smoothly -- like when there are nine or ten different opinions, or when one bike breakdown holds everyone up for the day! It is important to be open to the ideas, experiences and feelings of other group members, and to be willing to abide by group decisions. You will have your share of hostel chores, and food and group equipment to carry. The richness of experiencing cooperative group living and self-sufficiency is one of the added dimensions which make Teen Trek trips much more than just a few weeks on your bike.  


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All Ages
$50-$60/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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  • Bicycling


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June 25-Aug 18

June 30-July 27

July 7-Aug 3

June 30-July 27


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