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Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp
Alexandria, VA, 22303
Phone: 703-960-3431
Fax: 703.960.5056

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Our philosophy is rooted in the concepts of progressive education, which honors the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children, allowing growth to unfold at each child’s own pace. Through work, exploration, and play, we seek to educate the whole child, not just the intellect. We know from experience and cognitive science that children learn best not only by doing, but also by thinking about what they are doing. Our approach is to stimulate students' questions and to set the stage for learning with materials, situations, and ideas from which the students can construct their own understanding.

At Burgundy, we treat children with respect.  We recognize that each child is different, and we strive to make each one feel that this difference is an asset. Students learn that communities are strengthened by diversity, and that appreciating differences is vital to creating a just, peaceful world. Teachers provide opportunities for students to learn about, to appreciate, and to do things for others; students develop problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills that help them contribute to their communities.


Camp Type:
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
7 - 12
$700-$800/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
Nearest Large City:


  • Academic credit
  • General Academics


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

Please visit the website for camp date's information.
The Senior Sessions (2 weeks long) are $1320 each.
The Junior Session (1 week long) is $770
The Adult Weekend is $235; $415 for a couple.



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