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The purpose of the Imagine & MASTer Academy is to provide students with an academically excellent learning opportunity by offering challenging curricula richly infused with math, arts, science and technology and designed to engage all in the learning process; by maintaining a caring learning environment of affirmation; by working with parents and local communities to offer opportunities both in and out of the classroom that further develop the intellect and character of the students who choose to attend the school; and by utilizing innovative teaching techniques delivered by superior faculty in order to prepare all students for success in the ever-growing global community of the future.

Imagines' Six Measures - Shared Values

        As parents and guardians of Imagine School Students it is important for use to review these values that we use to guide our decision making and school direction. These values are at the center of Imagine MASTer Academy. Please take time to review and reflect on these values.

Imagine Shared Values

Integrity- This means "wholeness" or how our work and life fit together appropriately. It means we seek to operate with the highest ethical standards both within and outside our school. It means that each Imagine Schools person seeks to treat our students, parents, teachers, and leaders with the same dignity and respect.

Justice- This means "to each person what he/she deserves." It requires that we treat each person, each student, and every other person or organization that helps us educate children as special and unique.

Fun- A joy filled workplace is one where Imagine School people (staff, leaders, students, parents) have the opportunity to use their skills and abilities to make wonderful things happen. It is primarily about being trusted and trusting, taking responsibility for things that we can't always control and the freedom to use talents for the good of the school we operate.

Students at schools that Imagine Schools has operated for two or more years have achieved an average growth of 1.14 grade levels in reading and 1.21 grade levels in math each year over the past two school years.  Most public schools aim for student gains of one grade level each year, and many schools fall short of that target.

Our chief measure of academic achievement in reading and math is individual student learning gains, which is the growth achieved by a student during one school year.  We believe this is a better measure of a student’s academic progress, and a school’s instructional quality, than the “No Child Left Behind” proficiency ranking. 

We test our students at the beginning and at the end of each school year to determine the academic growth of each student, and we grade our schools using the higher of school-wide learning gains or more standard school proficiency.

While we endorse the national push to increase math and reading test scores, Imagine Schools continues to emphasize educational balance.  We integrate instruction in music, art, athletics, critical thinking, literature, science, writing, history, and technology with instruction in the critical skills of math and reading.  Providing students with a balanced, rich program of study along with teaching the important foundations of reading and math is a priority in all Imagine schools.


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7 to 14
$200/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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  • Basketball


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June 21 - June 24, 2010


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