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The Camp Nejeda experience offers all the fun and exciting activities you would expect at a ResidentialSummerCamp... and more! Children and young adults with diabetes get the opportunity to come together in an environment where having diabetes is the norm. The camp's Program and Health Center staff are dedicated to keeping campers safe, and encouraging proper, age- and maturity- appropriate self-management of their diabetes, making healthy food and nutrition choices and most of all, maintaining a good attitude.

 Our Family Camps extend the empowering fellowship and educational opportunities of the Camp Nejeda experience to include the child's parents and siblings.

 Camp Nejeda is the only residential summer camp in New Jersey and its neighboring states serving exclusively youth with insulin dependent diabetes and their families.

At Camp Nejeda youth with diabetes are given the opportunity to live, if only for one or two weeks, in a world where having diabetes is the norm; where there is no need to explain blood sugar testing, finger pricks, insulin injections, ketones, ?lows? (insulin reactions), boluses or 'carb' counting because everyone here already understands. At Camp Nejeda children with diabetes are free to be just children. This ?normalizing? of their condition combines with both formal and informal educational moments to promote good diabetes management and healthy, active living.

 With the addition of our Family Camps the empowering fellowship and educational opportunities were expanded to include the patient's whole family which is important because juvenile diabetes affects the whole family, not just the individual.

 Being the only facility of our kind in New Jersey and its neighboring states

Camp Nejeda hosts children and families from all over. While most are

from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we have regular campers

from Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and elsewhere. Since

diabetes does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, geography,

or class neither does the Camp Nejeda Foundation. We welcome our

campers from ALL walks of life and all backgrounds.


Camp Type:
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
7 - 16
$900-$1000/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
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  • Medical


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

2010 Camp Sessions
Summer Camps 2010
Session 1 - ages 7 to 12:
June 27 to July 3
Session 2 - ages 13 to 15:
July 4 to 16
Session 3 - ages 9 to 13:
July 18 to July 30
Session 4 - ages 14 to 16:
August 1 to 13

Leaders In Training (LIT)
For 16yo's, by application
Program 1- July 4 to 16
Program 2- July 18 to July 30


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I attentend camp here back in the 80's and was one of the best times. Made awsome friends, had tons of activites, fun and had great educators to inform of what I had and how t deal with it. I have had diabetes since I was four and now at thirty-eight allk is well and living a normal life....Thanks Camp Nejeda
Brian Fleming
Comment on : 15 February, 2012
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