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The Challenge Program provides the best opportunity to focus on the most important aspect of the game for every youth soccer player: TECHNIQUE. This program is for male and female keepers of all levels. Once at camp each goalkeeper is assessed and put into an ability-based group that will allow our staff to adjust the level of training to ensure a week in a training group that is appropriate for each and every goalkeeper. For our younger keepers this may be their first formal introduction to serious goalkeeper training. For our advanced or returning goalkeepers it will be a comprehensive review and will continue to layer in knowledge and experiences within the demanding training structure. For all students, it will be an experience that will have a significant impact on and off the field.

When SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School (SPGS) was originally created in 1982, this was the program that those first students went through, since then thousands of goalkeepers from around the world have attended and benefited from the SoccerPlus Challenge Program and while the curriculum has evolved with the game, the methodology that Tony and his staff used then is still employed today, "Challenge them..." was the mantra of the staff, then and now; this is where the name for the program stems from. The program is demanding, designed to address both technical and tactical skills at each student's level and provide the maximum possible repetitions in which to imprint and train in the techniques that are taught during the week. SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School recognizes that each student enters the Challenge Program at various levels of ability and with different needs, regardless of where you start this program challenges each student to cast away self-imposed limits and reach higher levels of goalkeeping and personal growth.


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