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Agua Viva Ministries was founded by Jesus (Chuy) Davalos, a tireless worker and leader who has a passion for reaching Mexico for Christ. Chuy teaching and sharing with MTI StudentsChuy teaching and sharing with MTI Students

Chuy has always had an intense desire to share the Gospel with the millions of fellow Mexicans who have never had the privilege of hearing such words of hope. Davalos, at one time in training for the priesthood, had been spying on Protestant leaders. However, his own life was suddenly changed when he, too, received Christ. You are welcome to learn more about Chuy Davalos.

Chuy has given himself to a life of ministry as pastor, missionary, and evangelist. His biggest concern: reaching the unreached in Mexico for Christ.

This driving concern led him to become involved with an outreach group called "Youth Enterprises". Eventually this also led to seeing a miracle—the miracle at Agua Viva.

The Agua Viva Miracle

While exploring all options for ministry, the people of Youth Enterprises began to develop the concept of Christian camping. For years they worked in a camp in the Sierra Juarez until the Mexican government became suspicious and jealous, confiscating the property.

Left with the task of finding a new facility, a Youth Enterprises worker named Sal Mendez headed toward the nearest town, Ojos Negros, to see some property that was recommended to him. Believing that the land was ideal for their purposes, Mendez sought to rent the land. The refusal that followed dealt a crushing blow. Although not opposed to their intentions, the owner believed that it would be wrong to rent the land with no drinkable water. A 20 year history was recounted, telling of numerous wells dug only to find "agua muerte"—dead water. They convinced the owner that they were willing to haul in water, however, and so were soon allowed to move onto the land.

During the course of preparing the camp a small well was dug to place a deposit tank. Again, water was found, but assumed to be contaminated. Clean water was continually hauled into the camp as the work progressed. But one day the improbable happened. The cook ran out of water for boiling and out of desperation tried the spring water that had originally been discovered. To her—and everyone’s—amazement, the water was good—"agua viva"!

Shortly after, the owner of the land reported that her daughter-in-law was sick. Excited by God’s faithfulness to them, the camp workers gathered to pray for her healing. She was healed and the land owner remembered this gift deep in her heart.

Eventually the Youth Enterprises team felt lead to purchase the land to establish permanent camp facilities. The negotiations and fundraising efforts continued on for months but eventually a settlement was reached. Remembering the healing of her loved one and the miracle of the water, the owner agreed to sell the land.

The owner, Maria de Jesus, said it best, "For 20 years I have owned this ranch and yet with no good water. Now you have it. You must surely be from God." Chuy agreed, "To us, it is a miracle."


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