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The “seeds” of Junior Forest Wardens were planted in British Columbia in the late 1920’s, when a few young boys reported a forest fire to a local Forest Ranger. Their story was published in the Forests and Outdoors magazine, the official publication of the Canadian Forestry Association. The response to the story was incredible, and boys from across British Columbia contacted the author wondering how they could help their local rangers.

In response to the inquiries, Charles Wilkinson, the local manager from the Canadian Forestry Association, decided to teach boys about forest protection and established the Junior Fire Warden program. By 1930, 300 boys in the province were involved in the warden program. In 1935, the “Red Shirt” uniform was created and first worn, and the movement truly began, with clubs starting in Vancouver and spreading throughout the province.

As the program grew, sisters of the active wardens became interested and wanted to take part. In 1944, the Girl Forest Guards were formed and continued to grow to a wider audience. In 1974, the two groups were combined to form Junior Forest Wardens.

The Junior Forest Wardens became a national program on February 16th, 1962 when the Honorable Norman Willmore, on behalf of the Government of Alberta, officially accepted the Alberta Charter at a meeting of the Alberta Forest Service.

Currently, there are clubs now found in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.


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Day  Residential 
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6 ," 18
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  • Backpacking
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Wilderness


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