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Manitoba Kingdom Ventures Inc
Winnipeg, MT, R2C 2Z2
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Kingdom Ventures Inc. (KVI) founded in 1990, is a Canadian based faith mission focused on training Christian Youth Camp leaders in the former Soviet Union (FSU).  KVI is governed by an eight-member, Winnipeg-based board of directors.  It meets five times annually to review the ministry, assess its financial affairs, set policy, hold the executive director accountable and pray.  It welcomes inquiries, ideas and above all, intercessory prayer for all that God is doing through Christian youth camps in the FSU where we are known as Christian Camping International.

Our confidence is in our God who responds to the fervent and faithful prayers of His people.  The Newsletter and Prayer Partner is published three times a year to inspire people to pray and to inform them of current needs.

All camps are operated by local churches who take full leadership, program, facility and financial responsibility for their local camp.  We train the leaders to incorporate their campers into the Sunday Schools and Youth Programs of their respective churches.


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all ages
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  • Leadership
  • Leadership ( Teen Option )


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May 4-9
May 5-15
May 14-22
May 15-24
May 27-June 5
June 6-9
June 20-29
October 24-26
October 30-November 5
November 7-9


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