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Westcoast Connection – Teen Travel Experiences began with the goal of using exciting, memorable travel to enlighten and inspire teenagers and to enhance their understanding of themselves along the way. With a simple philosophy of “EACH & EVERY” we could never have guessed how many thousands of teens would come to share in our spirited and tightly knit groups where everybody is included in an enriching program. The philosophy of respecting the individual while also creating a bonded group is as important today as it was when we began. And even more important in today’s global community is the need for teens to travel beyond the classroom and away from home. By moving outside their comfort zone, our tour members experience different cultures and new adventures that encourage self-development.The hallmark of a summer with Westcoast Connection has always been special individual attention and extraordinary care devoted to each tour member. Our staff’s experience and “bag of tricks” bring together spirited, warm, zany, and tightly knit tour groups where everybody is included in an enriching travel program. Our greatest satisfaction remains the calls and letters we receive from our travelers and their parents attesting to the special care of our leaders.Under the direction of our responsible, caring leaders, we are excited to offer you the best itineraries in teen travel. Our trips are balanced to include the most exciting activities and at a comfortable pace.

Teens that choose to travel with us benefit from a genuine, geographically diverse enrollment. The certainty that everybody is not all from one area, knowing one another before the summer, helped eliminate cliques at the outset and establish an open environment that benefits all. Last season, over 85% of our travelers were from across the USA, with the balance from Canada and overseas.
Regardless of travel style, all our programs are created with the understanding that no matter what you want to accomplish during the summer, the challenges and experiences should be enjoyable as well as rewarding. We know the importance of helping teens achieve success, and we know the vital importance of balance for the sake of celebrating that success.


Camp Type:
Travel Tour
Year Established:
Age of Campers:
13 to 17
$1000-$1550/wk (Please contact camp for exact pricing.)
Nearest Large City:


  • Academic credit
  • ESL
  • General Sports
  • Language
  • Leadership
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ropes Course
  • ATV / Motocross
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bicycling
  • Football
  • Horseback Riding, English
  • Horseback Riding, General
  • Horseback Riding, Western
  • Ice Skating
  • Sailing
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Snowboarding
  • Soccer
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Water Sports
  • Waterskiing
  • Waterskiing
  • Windsurfing


(Please contact camp directly for updated session schedule.)

 Spanish Spectacular – 21 or 28 Days
6/26 - 7/23
7/1 - 7/28
7/10 - 8/6
French Excursion – 28 Days
6/26 - 7/23
Costa Rica Combination - 14 day
6/27 - 7/10
Costa Rica Combination - 21 day
6/27 - 7/17
7/6 - 7/26
Costa Rica Combination - 28 day
6/27 - 7/24
Costa Rica Rainforest Language Immersion – 25 Days
6/29 - 7/23
Peru Spanish Language Immersion
6/29 - 7/26
7/6 - 8/2


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